Monday, November 02, 2009

An Anniversary: More and Less

With the passing of time, some things – such as my appreciation of the artistry of Bunny Berigan, my favorite trumpeter, born 101 years ago today – grow greater; other things – such as my attention to
Relative Esoterica, my web journal, begun 3 years ago today – diminish. A subjective view of subjectivity.

Please dig the one and only Bunny, unchanging in his revelance, timeless – and yet who, with the passing of time, has attained giant dimensions:


Harry Heuser said...

I suppose you grew tired of (performing for [some of]) us. You are often on my mind. Why, just the other day, I was watching The Garden of Allah and lost whatever plot there is, looking at a certain nose and thinking about the two of you. Happy anniversary.

Love, Harry

Trombonology said...

If "performing" is the word for attempting to be (mildly) entertaining in writing about my passions, yes, maybe that's correct. Too, I'm trying to develop (in my mind) a more concise approach, which might communicate more. ... And then there's a certain naughty little puppy who's keeping me very busy! Wonderful to hear from someone who set the bar a bit (at least) too high for me – and yet whom I regard as a kindred soul.


iamfelix said...

Great arrangement on "Small Fry." Who's on sax? Who is singing? I must admit I prefer Der Bingle & Johnny for the vocalizin'.

Trombonology said...

Yeah, I dig that arrangement, too.

Young (19) Georgie Auld blowing tenor; one of the Berigan Orch. stars

Ruth Gaylor (later with Teddy Powell) singing, after a fashion – BB never had any decent thrushes.

Love Harry Lillis & John Henry's vocalizin'!